Meet the FWDP Team

Here at FWDP, we are a gaggle of designers, visionaries, illustrators and writers who love nothing more than getting our creative juices flowing. From designing engaging exhibitions to painting dynamic interpretive illustrations, we are avid about creating exciting visitor experiences. By choosing us, you’ll have the benefit of working with an experienced and passionate team who just want to bring your creative vision to life. So if you’ve ever wondered who we are, now’s your chance to find out!

The FWDP team

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Create a Boulder in Just 10 Weeks!

Surely it’s not possible. How can anyone create a boulder in just 10 weeks when we all know they take millions of years to form? Discover how the skilled team at FWDP managed to create a rock in a matter of weeks.

Discover how we built this boulder in just 10 weeks!

Discover how we created this boulder in just 10 weeks!

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Exhibitions in the Making

As a creative thinker I am very lucky to be in the field I’m in. But, as with most people, there are certain parts of my job that give me greater satisfaction than others and one of those areas is exhibition design. Many designers only get to think one dimensionally; posters, brochures, leaflets; flat images on flat surfaces, but exhibition design takes you into a whole new world of lateral thinking.

Bring information to life using dynamic, interactive 3D elements.

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What do Visitors Really Think of Your Attraction?

One of the best ways to form a loyal relationship with your visitor is to earn their trust by providing an outstanding experience which exceeds their expectations. Those who are satisfied are very likely to recommend you to others and this raises your site’s profile without having to do anything! But pleasing every single person is not easy; if you want to discover how the public rate your attraction as a whole, gathering satisfaction data is well worth doing. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages:

Satisfaction data reveals what visitors really think of your attraction.

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Interpretation Planning in a Nutshell

We all dream of creating that perfect visitor experience; captivating our audience and leaving them begging for more. But this is not a pipe dream; with the right approach, careful attention to detail and a creative thought process, an exciting visitor experience is within reach of us all.

A well thought out interpretation plan is the first step towards creating an exciting visitor experience.

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Contract Award – App Design for Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and Essex Wildlife Trust

We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and Essex Wildlife Trust to design an interpretive guide App for Belfairs and Daws Heath Living Landscape in Essex.

FWDP’s concept artwork for Southend-on-Sea Council and Essex Wildlife Trust’s Living Landscapes App.

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Contract Award – New Signage Scheme for Leeds Castle

We are thrilled to announce that Leeds Castle in Kent have awarded us the contract for a site-wide signage scheme. As part of Leeds Castle’s new identity, we have been asked to create fresh, contemporary signs which match their new brand guidelines.

Leeds Castle's grounds are beautifully enhanced by Fitzpatrick Woolmer's signage.

Our site-wide signage scheme will help enhance Leeds Castle’s beautiful grounds.

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Build It and They Will Come

We are all passionate about what we do, why else would we do it! And it is this passion that makes us very good at achieving our core objectives, whether it be preservation, conservation or regeneration. But it is this passion that makes us often forget our periphery, and it is in this realm that our visitors get their first impressions of our organisation; our car parks, reception areas, visitor centres and cafes.

Even something as simple as a good cup of tea will give your visitors a positive impression of your site.

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Meet the Newest Member of our Team!

As visitors to attractions like museums and wildlife parks, we want to be enlightened and inspired by what we see and read, which is exactly why having the right interpretation around your site is so important.

Interpretation display

An excellent example of how interpretation displays can bring a community together.

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